Download Gmod Prop Hunt & Trouble in Terrorist Town

Prophunt and TTT

Gmod Prop Hunt

Ever much-loved game Garry’s Mod has currently brought innovative exciting software “Gmod Prop Hunt” that you can enjoy by downloading from our site for free and then, further raise the merriment by sharing it with your chums. The game is analogous to “hide and seek” in which there are two teams labeled as red team and blue team. The players of the red team are disguised as props and they have 30 seconds to hide wherever they manage in. While the task of the blue team players is that they have to find and kill them on the spot with the provided deadlines. The game is exceptionally action-packed and rejuvenates early days’ memories when you played this game in the flesh.

Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT)

Trouble in Terrorist Town mostly abbreviated as TTT which is just an extension of Gmod as a user created game. It also consists of various rounds like Gmod Prop Hunt and identical to the game ‘Mafia’. The fun starts with the random grant of being traitors and the rest of all are innocents. This mode is also as much appealing as GPH and you can also share it with your buddies to enhance your acquired taste.

Prominent Features (GPH)

  • Hide & Seek
  • Action-Packed
  • Free Download
  • Multiplayer
  • Adventurous Targets
  • Props and Hunters

Prominent Features (TTT)

  • Traitor and innocence
  • Action-Packed
  • Free Download
  • Multiplayer
  • Teamwork

How to get GPH & TTT?

Just click Gmod Prop Hunt & TT download button on our site, and the download will begin automatically. However, if you’ve already downloaded Gmod from our site, you can enjoy gmod prop hunt & TTT free play no download.


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Game Play (Prop Hunt)

The game is based on rounds one after another. The game mode is identical to Arena Mode & the game Hide and Seek. You must fist have at least two players and decide whether you would like to join hider team or hunter team. If you choose hunter team, your task will be to find and kill the players of hider team and if you act as hider team, you will have to keep hidden until the time of 30 seconds is over. When one round comes to an end, both of the teams are swapped in a way that if you acted as a hunter, you now have to play as hider vice versa.

At the beginning of each round, the players of Red Team become compelled to act as Scouts and they are randomly given the visibility of a map prop. Amazingly, Red Players are not with the choice of using their tools provided that they are not the last player. Prior to Prop Hunt Redux such as Sandman health penalty that influences the player as usual. Added to this, Red Team has the power to drown and they are able to hide under water. Blue Team can gain access to all the classes excluding Medic and Spy along with Solemn Vow.

The default class is Pyro and is more likely to be used accordingly. In addition, Pyros are empowered to take a flight with the use of their firing, in midair, flamethrowers through enhancing vertical mobility in order to battle Scout Double Jump. If you are from blue team, swinging a melee weapon may cause damage to your team.

Weapons are granted to give you a cause of concentrating doubtful props instead of you are going to shoot everything indiscriminately. As a member of hunter team, you are allowed to get scores on a successful kill as well as granted full health restoration along with a speed boost. Conclusively, Blue or Red teams win when all the members of the opponent team are no more alive.

Game Play (TTT)

The game-play of Trouble in Terrorist Town is very similar to that of GPH (Gmod Prop Hunter). It is also a game of rounds that you have to go through stage by stage. There are two groups in the mode, one is a traitor and the second is innocent folks. As an innocent player, you can have access to some the sophisticated weapons so as to detect the traitors.  You are randomly listed as traitors or detectors, if you are in the team of traitors, you need to hide your identity and do away with everyone else before the end of each round. On the contrary, it is necessary for the innocent group to arrange a team work with the aid of detectives to find and kill each and every traitor. Thus, the game is similar to prop Hunt to some extent. Well, both the teams have a limited access to the latest weapon to kill each other.

Major Tools for Traitors

  • C-4 explosives
  • Radio Devices
  • Flare Guns
  • Disguise Device
  • Body Armor
  • Radar Devices

 Major Tools for Innocents

  • Reciprocating Devices
  • DNA Scanners
  • Defuse Kits
  • Body Armor
  • Radar Devices

Both of the games are wholly thrilling that they hold the concentration of players so much that they don’t even perceive how speedily the time passes. The games are parallel in various features but diverse in taste in respect of the adventurous scenes. Expectantly, you’ll like our site for the offering of these two superb, stimulating, and free modes/extensions with the most updated features as always.