Colony Survival Download For PC

A brief introduction to the game

Colony Survival, the best real-time strategy voxel game, is a uniquely different first-person strategy game, which was developed by a two-man team. Colony Survival was created by Pipliz.  The central idea of this indie based building survival game focuses on constructing your own colony in a voxel globe. To your amazement, Colony Survival combines real-time strategy with 1st person voxel games.

In this fabulous building survival game, you are just going to command:

  1. Colonists
  2. Farmers
  3. Guards
  4. Miners
  5. Archers

An exciting Gameplay

The monsters attack your colony daily at night & you are tasked to defend it to keep up its existence. Of course, it is not that easy to face up to the horde of monsters. That’s the acid test of your online game-playing skills! Our colony survival free download android version allows the players to construct a castle or village with a bang.

The gameplay of Colony Survival equally enables both monsters and players or colonists to navigate the city, castle or colony, so you have to set tasks for colonists to save your citizens against the fierce monsters who attack your colony at night.

Do you Play this Game?

A game packed with creativity

You will be able to develop your society & culture where you’ll be your own boss in your colony with a lot of people who will be working under your territorial rule or management. You can build your own city or castle using blocks! That’s really fun to do, isn’t that?

As soon you enter the gameplay and begin playing, you spontaneously get fully involved in the game so that you can make use of tunnels, gates, stairs, & bridges to navigate anywhere in the colony or gameplay. Thus, you design colonies collaboratively, and that’s going to be great creative fun from start to finish.

No doubt, the monsters of the night are not easy to deal with! That could be a challenge but you can build under-passes and overpasses to defend against zombie attack every night. Even though you can take on hundreds of colonists in this grid-based strategy game, however, players can’t handle trading and fighting between each other.

Colony Survival is an exciting core of a game! In order to unlock weapons, upgrades, blocks, and tasks, you need to make use of an all-embracing science system. As a player to build a new colony, you have to go ahead with a copper miner, and a few slingers, and berry farmers.

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Amazing features

Our colony survival free download PC version is backed by advanced 3D dynamic pathfinding. Through the version that you can download from our exclusive site, you can get instant access to Colony Survival free download Mac supported game & become part of awesome gaming wonderland at the drop of a hat.

In order to deal with a daily attack from zombies, you can design a modern skyscraper or traditional village with no limits so you can make sure that the citizens can access where they wish to move. Even though you can play Colony Survival alone but it is helpfully multiplayer, too. Download colony survival & become part of a huge active community, it is now available on steam as well.

In order to get started with your colony, you have to plant a banner. It is up to you whether you build your colony of buildings or castles underwater, underground, inside the mountains or even up in the air. The process of building the colony revolves around a mining style block grid, so you’d have a lot of fun!

 The only drawback is that it falls short in terms of intricacy. With the increase of colonists, you recruit to defend your colony; you have to see the increase in the numbers of monsters in response.

Well, it will take you around 8 hours to experience everything that is on offer in the game such as great sound quality, realistic graphics, and more.

3 actions for a successful experience

Monsters will do their best to invade your colony so you have to do your best to defend it. In order to cope with the increasing numbers of monsters, you can take these three important actions:

  1. You can build forts
  2. You can dig moats
  3. You can construct walls
Minimum system requirements to play colony survival
  • Storage: 300 MB
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Operating System: Windows Vista SP1 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Premium G620, 2.5 GHz dual-core
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5000, 1280×720 Display