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Aims & objectives

The spawn Menu is the most fundamental option of Gmod for the players to spawn NPCs, weapons, props and more. This is the menu through which, a player is able to pick up the specific tool in order to use together with their tool gun.

How to get started?

A player can get started just by pressing & holding the key “Q” or whatever already assigned under “Game Options”. Once Spawn Menu has opened, the player loses the control over their crosshair but now, a cursor instead of crosshair can be used so as to spawn this menu with.

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Left Panel

Left Panel which is the largest on the screen can be utilized in order to spawn weapons, entities, NPCs, and Props. You can also use this panel to gain access to the duplications and saved games. By clicking the left mouse button, you become able to hover over the specific item you would like to spawn. You need to do a right click on that item as well.

Spawn list tab

The spawn list tab contains props that can be spawned when left click is performed. The left side panel on the list of props can be customized and you can look through to discover various props.

Weapons on the workshop

Though Gmod is all about building, yet it is also well admired for the wide range of weapons on the workshop. Contrary to spawn list, you are not allowed to customize the weapon tab.

A go-ahead project

An entity offers a go-ahead project and is able to react in a different way in accord with different inputs. When talking about ‘Props’, they are a kind of primitive entities that are related to physics, with no their own will power etc. You can break a wooden crate, for example, but can do nothing else. However, to do something else, an entity is programmable.


NPCs is the abbreviation for Non-Player Characters looking like humans to simulate caliber, thus these are nothing but what appear to be.

Special classes of entities

Special classes of entities are vehicles that you can drive or hide in a few cases. You can spawn them the same as regular entities having various properties and count on vehicle scripts to establish their basic characteristics.

Right Panel

A utility tab and a tools tab are located in the Right Panel.

Tools Tabs

When the game is loaded, this tab opens on its own. The tools tab contains a menu on the left side along with a panel on the right side. Tools tab displays all the tools available at the moment with their various categories. The cursor can hover over it in order to select a tool and then left clicked the desired item. In case, the tool gun hasn’t yet opened, it will open in no time, just wait. The security active tool is shown in the right panel which is different from an empty box or a detailed list of the settings.

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