Why Gmod Is the Most Popular Game Ever

Gmod Free

There are millions of Gmod lovers living on the face of this planet earth and the numbers are soaring with the passage of every day. This makes many people wonder why is that makes this sandbox game so popular all over the globe. All those who have played this game know pretty well about the reasons of its huge popularity. If you ask around you will find out that almost all the people who have played this game or who play it almost on every day agree that the freedom to play this game the way they want is the single factor that contribute to its huge popularity. It does not matter whether you want to build tall buildings or your want to create racing cars, you are provided with the tools and you can use your imagination to make anything using these tools. Since there are no targets and no goals in this physics engine game, you decide your own destiny and fate. You can become a cop and catch the robbers and other evil characters or you can switch gears and become the evil yourself – the choices are yours.

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