overview of garry''s mod

A full creative freedom

The sandbox game Garry’s Mod or Gmod has no predefined objectives so you can have a full freedom of creating what you can, it can be a dog, it could be a boat, or it may be something else in your mind. Gmod provides you with endless autonomy to generate NPCs (Non-player characters). The objects that you can create are termed as props.

Interact with the items in different ways

The things that you can create using your natural creative abilities cover a wide range of items like dumpsters, shipping containers, and even explosions. The best part is that you are able to intermingle with them in more than one way!

The use of source engine game

You can choose a wide range of ragdolls, non-players characters (NPCs), and props. Before that, you need to install a game that should be able to go on with the source game engine so that you can put the selected items into the sandbox.

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The use of community-generated items

Instead of making use of the source game engine, the player can also place ragdolls, NPCs, and props into the sandbox from collections created by the community. For ragdolls, there are civil protection packs, and for props, there’s PHX3.

The physics Gun

The physics gun is a very import tool in Garry’s mod game. This is the most basic tools the system of the game offers to you! You must try to use it more often so that you can enjoy your creative powers efficiently.

Phys-Gun is the abbreviated form of the Physics Gun that is sometimes used by the experienced players. With the help of this wonderful tool, you can create and control the game-play by freezing, rotating and picking up ragdolls & props.